EPA Compliant Plant Expansion

EPA Compliant Plant Expansion in Louisiana – Excellent Flooring Applications, Services and Other Products

Prepco Flooring, LLC, provides flooring services that cover recommendations and actions dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, for the effective operations of industrial plants without compromising environmental safety. EPA compliance in industrial flooring applications needs to be carefully considered before undertaking plant expansion projects for a few major reasons.

The presence of toxic materials at production facilities is common, especially when the processes involve chemicals, crude substances, and the like. Though waste can be reduced in many ways, this major environmental problem will always be present. Another issue targeted by EPA regulations is pollution. With the amount of traffic passing through any sizeable plant, much of this material and pollution is often spread throughout the facility, finally settling on the floors. Cleanup then becomes a major concern for the safety of staff and visitors, and to stop the spread of these dangerous substances outside the plant. With proper flooring solutions, maintaining a clean and safe working environment is much less of a strain in terms of both labor and finances.

Since plant expansion projects entail site renovation or reconstruction, floors are greatly impacted. After all the breaking and construction, and the equipment movement and transfer involved in plant expansions, your floors will need a makeover. When hazardous materials are involved in the exposure and disposal of old flooring and damaged equipment, the process poses threats to the environment. The solution is EPA compliant industrial flooring applications that can meet all of a plant’s flooring needs. Prepco Flooring, LLC, offers EPA compliant solutions that provide stability, life span enhancement, and safety. Our flooring applications are perfect for EPA compliant plant expansions because we follow their set standards for safety.

Oil and gas plants in particular have recently been undergoing plant expansions under EPA regulation. This means dealing with everything from upgrading and transferring machinery and other equipment to major changes in infrastructure. No matter what is moved or changed, the flooring will need to be repaired. EPA compliant plant expansion often entails more than just having functional floors, so there is no better time to re-evaluate so that the proper flooring solution can be applied.

Prepco Flooring LLC has a devoted team of flooring experts that can restore concrete devastated by plant expansions. Our coatings and resurfacing services can provide industrial plants with renewed floors and even better, safer flooring systems that comply with EPA standards. These practical flooring solutions preserve investments and conserve resources in preparation for opportunities for expansion.