Moisture Vapor Remediation

Services for Moisture Vapor Remediation in Louisiana

Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is the movement of moisture in a concrete slab from the bottom to the surface. Moisture formed within the slab escapes and turns into a vapor, and continues edging up until the capillary action draws it out to the surface where it condenses and liquefies again, damaging the flooring material and protective coating. This moisture migration, otherwise known as vapor transmission, occurs when concrete comes in contact with the ground or soil. This reaction is a common underlying cause of flooring system failures.

Fortunately, flooring system failures can be prevented by simple measures such as moisture control and the elimination of concrete elements that can cause damage. The high quantities of pH liquid build-up under coatings may destroy epoxies, primarily those coatings that are substandard. Since several cogitations such as permeability, materials, and weather conditions must be acted upon during floor installations, the application of concrete mixes for flooring must be carefully thought out.

In comes the concept of core testing to determine the kind of flooring system appropriate for a particular establishment. For safe coating, there should be lower concentrations of salt and calcium chloride. A normal water-cement ratio should also be maintained to avoid speedy concrete deterioration, increased capillary action, and MVT problems. MVT is one of the most serious concrete flooring problems, in part because there is often very little physical proof of the seepage and so the damage is done before the problem can be identified. Core testing will help identify the levels of additive content for different preventive measures and/or contingencies.

The best testing standards for concrete are those that take stock of humidity and MVT ratings. Any result that is higher than the percentage limit for relative humidity signals the need for an MVT test and core sampling, and vice versa for RH testing if the weight exceeds the assigned limit. It is best to take precautions to avoid MVT, of course, by investing in the most compatible flooring system for your needs.

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