Avail of our Flooring Applications: Epoxy Floor Coverings in Louisiana


Prepco Flooring, LLC, based in Houston, Texas, is the leading flooring contractor that many business owners have come to trust for their flooring needs. We have extended our wide array of services to bring our highly commendable flooring systems to the Louisiana area. Now your floors are in good hands. We are here to provide you the same excellent epoxy floor coverings that we have been providing in Louisiana for years. Our company employs only expert workers, whatever your Louisiana location, who see to it that your floors are industry standard examples of durability and aesthetic quality. Clients who have engaged our services have not regretted entrusting their flooring jobs to us.

We take pride in our coatings and our ability to now cater to the specific flooring needs of industrial plants and commercial establishments in your locale. Our resurfacing services which are essentially cost-effective repair solutions are also of superior quality at competitive rates. We have done a good number of epoxy floor coverings over the years that our clients have been more than satisfied with. So with confidence we bring to Louisiana the same quality workmanship that we have always been known for. Our services can now allow your Louisiana business to grow productivity-wise as over the long run they help you avoid floor dilemmas common to your area. We also support cost reduction, which makes our solutions different, even this far from our home base. We understand that industrial plants here, just like any other place, need to be able to set aside troublesome flooring worries and just take care of business, so we come to take on the floors.

Prepco Flooring LLC maintains strict adherence to government and environmental requirements for public health and safety. Our flooring solutions meet USDA and EPA requirements. Since industrial plants are potentially dangerous because of their capacity for causing environmental hazards, we strive to preserve our hard-earned reputation. By managing flooring solutions in Louisiana that are safe for all on the production floor and designed to protect the environment, we aim to earn the same level of trust here that we have back home.

Our specialization in coatings, resurfacing services, and epoxy floor coverings for industrial plants in Louisiana is your guarantee that your industrial flooring will bring you increased productivity and profitability. Epoxy floor coverings are not only ideal for industrial plants in Louisiana, but they are also guaranteed environment-friendly. From protective coatings to decorative finishes, you have a lot of quality and cost-efficient options with us. Your choices matter, and we provide sound advice based on carefully thought out assessments of the site and use only state-of-the-art tools and systems that make the best flooring solutions a reality for Louisiana facilities.