Concrete Coating

Excellent Concrete Coating in Louisiana

Concrete is one of the few flooring materials that have been proven durable over the years. This accounts for why it has been the prime choice for a lot of commercial properties and industrial plants across the country. Despite the superior qualities it is known for, however, the seemingly indestructible face of concrete ends when its vulnerability to corrosive agents begins. Without a coating, these harmful substances could seep in and damage the porous components of concrete.

Concrete coatings primarily serve as an extra layer protecting concrete slabs from constant wear and tear. Plus, an excellent coating spruces up the concrete’s surface to make it look good as new. It is also cost-effective and does not take much labor time. Aside from durability, water and chemical resistance, and non-skid qualities, our coatings provide an easy-to-clean surface allowing company maintenance crews to do away with the hassles of heavy cleaning.

Protective concrete coatings can be applied on a number of surfaces in the interiors and even in the exteriors of industrial environments. This is especially true if the warehouse or manufacturing company has floors on which big trucks weighing several tons are moving back and forth every day. With concrete coatings you don’t need to spend on installing new floors because you can work on existing concrete to produce a renewed look. In addition, concrete-coated floors have minimal maintenance requirements and so significantly reduce maintenance costs. These are just two of the reasons why industrial plants enjoy a guaranteed cost reduction on flooring if concrete coatings are applied.

These coatings have the added advantage of being customizable to suit specific plant needs. There is a degree of flexibility in their application which allows facilities to mold them to work best for their load, traffic, and aesthetic needs. Protective coatings can also be made to look like other types of flooring materials if this effect is desired.

Benefits of concrete coatings:

•    Superior durability
•    Environment-friendliness and sustainability
•    Reduced costs and energy consumption
•    Non-combustion and slow rate of heat transmission
•    Resistance to allergens and elements like dust, dirt, etc.
•    Low maintenance and cleaning requirements
•    Ability to resemble other types of flooring materials
•    More room for customization