USDA Approved Flooring

Avail of our USDA Approved Flooring Systems in Louisiana

Prepco Flooring LLC provides state-of-the-art flooring solutions for facilities seeking compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations. As the government’s arm in developing and implementing regulations on food and agriculture, the USDA implements strict policies for public health safety. We understand these regulations and the importance of strict compliance by such facilities as food and liquid processing plants, and the need for specialized flooring systems to meet the set requirements. Plants like these have environments that are prone to more frequent floor mishaps as well, and our flooring applications ensure the safety of all on the premises as they increase productivity with high non-skid, easy-to-clean qualities and the durability to take on heavy traffic.

Prepco Flooring, LLC, is an industry leader in providing flooring solutions that have passed USDA evaluation. We have a variety of flooring systems available to address specific plant issues that can affect production. Our floors meet requirements for sanitation, capacity for heavy traffic, slip resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Our floors are also guaranteed to resist fungi, bacteria and algae growth, which must not be present when the USDA does an onsite inspection.

We believe that flooring of any type and for any industry needs to be safe, sanitary, and suitable for each particular facility. Not only do we adhere to USDA requirements, but our services are infused with a passion to reach out to clients so we can also satisfy their unique industrial flooring needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to extending the lifespan of floors by preventing early signs of damage, thereby helping manufacturers save on costly repairs and replacements.

Prepco Flooring, LLC provides flooring solutions with superior strength and durability. For flooring solutions that will pass USDA requirements with flying colors, give us a call and we will gladly serve you!